Unveiling the Vision:A
Conversation with the Founder of Quebits

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Category:  Technology
Date:  April 2023
Author:  Paul Trueman

Quebits was born out of Mashood's passion for revolutionizing the digital landscape and bridging critical gaps in the industry.

Join us as we delve into his journey and the vision driving Quebits forward.
So Mashood, what is the story behind the name 'Quebits' and how does it reflect your company's vision?"

Mashood's Response: The name 'Quebits' was first coined during a Smart Home IoT Initiative I spearheaded in 2019, which aimed to encapsulate the essence of innovation, transformation and forward thinking. Choosing 'Quebits' for our software company was a deliberate decision to carry forward this vision into the broader technology space. It reflects our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries of what's possible, blending cutting-edge technologies with practical solutions.

That's really interesting. What was your inspiration to start Quebits, and what about it sets it apart from other tech startups?

Mashood's Response: The inspiration behind Quebits stems from a desire to bridge critical gaps in the digital landscape. Observing the rapid evolution of technology and the burgeoning needs of businesses, I recognized a clear opportunity to make a significant impact. Our journey began with a commitment to revolutionize how companies interact with technology, offering them not just services, but comprehensive solutions tailored to their unique challenges and aspirations.

Tell us about a solution you've provided that you enjoyed working on?

It was for a healthcare client, we developed a sophisticated housing platform, an initiative that truly stood out due to the intricate system and database architectures it required. This solution was designed to streamline housing processes within the healthcare sector, addressing unique challenges. That's amazing and truly innovative, great job!!!

In conclusion, the story of Mashood Quadri and Quebits is a testament to the power of innovation and vision in the technology industry. From the inception of the company to its current endeavors, Quebits has remained dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible and revolutionizing how businesses interact with technology. As we look to the future, it's clear that Quebits will continue to lead the way in driving positive change and shaping the digital landscape.

Publication cover
Publication cover

Thank you for joining us on this journey of exploration and discovery. We hope you've found inspiration in Mashood's story and insights into the mission and vision behind Quebits. Stay tuned for more exciting content and updates from our team.

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